ADC Interrupts, SDK

Started by Roger Flor October 18, 2002
I am a DSP56F805 EVM user
I am trying to run the ADC using SDK

Section 5.4.2 of the SDK user's manual (Targeting the DSP56F8xx) says that "The ADC A Zero Crossing, ADC A Limit Error, and ADC A Conversion Complete
interrupts are enabled when INCLUDE_ADC is #defined in the appconfig.h of a
project. The interrupts are enabled within the Group Priority Register (GPR)
with a default priority of 1. This priority can be redefined within the
appconfig.h from 1 to 7, with 7 the highest priority and 1 the lowest
priority. The interrupts should not be redefined to 0, as this will cause
the interrupt to be disabled and the ADC driver will not function properly." What if I do not want to use the Zero crossing/Limit error interrupt? What
do I do to keep the interrupt from firing? Thanks