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Started by Raghavendra K S April 2, 2004
Hi Poulin, I do not think you will get a ready amde word rec engine on tiDSPs. I myself was
working on such a system that was supposed to be implemented on 54x. I would sujjest you to get codes from opensource developpers and then compile it
on 55X CCS for your usage. You can ask others (May be I do not know properly) If you plan to buy one , May be I can help you to get it for cheaper rates in
one of the companies here in India. Thanks Ragu http://focus.ti.com/docs/apps/catalog/resources/appnoteabstract.jhtml?abstractNa\

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1. Suggestion for simple speaker-independent speach recognition engine...
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Date: Wed, 31 Mar 2004 22:22:14 -0000
From: "jeanpierrepoulin"
Subject: Suggestion for simple speaker-independent speach recognition engine...


Could anyone offer suggestion on a simple speaker-independent speach
recognition engine that would run on a TI C55xx DSP?

I'm looking for a free / inexpensive recognition engine than can
recognize about two dozen words.

TI's website offers links to many available libraries, but I don't
know them and they appear expensive. Any recommendations from prior
testing / usage?

Many thanks for any hint you could offer!


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