Timothy Felty's DTW code(ref:matlabcentral)

Started by Tushar Mishra April 2, 2005

Hello everybody,

I'm an under-grad student doing a project on Isolated Digit Recognition based on the statistical pattern recognition approach as explained in the book 'Fundamentals of Speech Recognition' by B.H. Juang and  L.Rabiner

Could anyone please help me out in interpreting the results of this dtw code.(see attchment)

My inputs to the function are :

 Ax13 matrix containing the output of the clustering process (kmeans) for the 10 digits.                             

B8x13 matrix containing the front end processed (mfcc based) user input sample which is to be recognized.

The output obtained are as follows...Dist=1x1S3.45(value) ; Dx13 matrix ; k=1x1(value) ; wx2 matrix.

Could you tell me as to how do i determine which digit has been recognized and how do i display the result.

Thanks a lot in advance

Tushar Mishra.


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