PHD Thesis of scalable speech coding

Started by mouloud Djamah June 15, 2007
I am looking for these thesis:
1-Lukasiak, "Techeniques for low-rate scalable compression of speech signals", Phd. Thesis, University of Wollongong, 2002
3- H. Dong, "SNR and bandwidth scalable speech coding", Ph.D. thesis, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, December 2002.
2-N.R. Chong-White, "Novel Analysis, Decomposition and Reconstruction Techniques for Wavwform Interpolation speech coding", PhD, university of Wollongong. 2000

please tell me how to get them. and if someone khnow other thesis of the "scalable speech coding"
give me the title of these thesis and how to get them.

thank you.