Ask for the peper: "The Government Standard Linear Predictive Coding Algorithm: LPC-10".

Started by Unknown August 30, 2008
Hi, all:

Does someone of this group have this paper:
"The Government Standard Linear Predictive Coding Algorithm: LPC-10".
Thomas E. Tremain. Speech Technology Magazine, April 1982, p. 40-49 ? I am
reading some papers on Linear Prediction Coding of speech signal these days.
I think the FS-1015 (LPC-10) is quite suitable for me to understand the
pricipal principle of LPC, but the LPC-10E is more complex for me to
It seems that the above paper is well recommended as a material for
people who want to study LPC. But our shcool hasn't purchase the usage of
the publication. If some of you have one, please send me a copy. My address:

And if someone happens to have a copy of the source code of LPC-10 (
not the LPC-10e), would you be kind enough to send me a copy as well? I
really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
Sincerely Yours,

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