G.722.1 Matlab Implementation.

Started by srir...@gmail.com September 1, 2008
Hi all,

I am trying to implement the G.722.1 codec and the extension G.722.1 Annexe C on MATLAB. To do so, I am using the following paper:
"From ITU-T G.722.1 to ITU-T G.722.1 Annex C: A New Low-Complexity 14kHz Bandwidth Audio Coding Standard" by Minjie Xie, David Lindbergh and Peter Chu.

The questions I have are in the process of categorisation:
1. In the relation Nb = total bits per frame - region power code bits - categorisation control bits.

Nb = no. of bits required to quantize the MLT coefficients.

a. How do we know the total bits per frame that is assigned to each frame beforehand?
b. Am I correct in saying that the "region power code bits" is the sum of the bits (per frame) used to binary encode each of the MLT coefficients?

2. In the relation Nest = 320 + (Nb - 320)*5/8, that is executed when Nb >320, what is the value of Nest prior to this relation?

I have been trying to figure these out for a few days now with no progress.

These are some of the questions that are preventing me from proceeding. As you can see, I may not be perfectly clear with all the aspects of the codec.

Please do suggest any piece of literature that you think may be useful to guide me.