IS-54 VSELP source code and/or codebook parameters

Started by dbga...@gmail.com May 5, 2009

I am working on an old two-way radio simulation project running on 8000bps sampling rate using the VSELP vocoder.

Does anyone here still have the IS-54 VSELP source code or at least a sample of sotchastic codebook parameters(1024 with order of 10)? Not sure, if it's really GSM-HR.

Perhaps, something similar to this bit allocation: (from an old TI tech paper)

MODE 2b Voicing Mode
R0 5b Frame Energy
LPC1 11b quantized reflection coefficients (r1..r3)
LPC2 9b quantized reflection coefficients (r4..r6)
LPC3 8b quantized reflection coefficients (r7..r10)

Thanks in advance!