Started by Unknown February 28, 2001

Nice to have found an interesting site to discuss speech
coding stuff.

On the first look it looks like GSM AMR and GSM EFR have
lot of commonolity. Standard says GSM AMR at rate 12.2k
behaves exactly like GSM EFR. So it looks like GSM EFR
is subset of GSM AMR. Can anybody implemented (familiar with)
this verify please ?

Following are my few queries.

1. Can we encode using GSM AMR at rate 12.2k and
decode using GSM EFR codec or vice versa ?

2. Are the companies/services interested on having both GSM
EFR as well as GSM AMR ? They might want to support
GSM EFR for historical reasons, but the new guys in the
field might want to jump to GSM AMR directly.
Is that the case ?

Thanks in Advance
Prasanna S