fixed/algebraic codebook in 3GPP-AMR or G729

Started by Mathew John June 1, 2002
Dear all,
Can anyone give me/direct me to a DETAILED/any
explanation of the fixed codebook(of G729)/algebraic
codebook(of 3GPP AMR ACELP) with specific refrence to

Qk = (x2Hck)^2 (d Ck)^2 (Rk)^2
--------- = ------ = -------
CkH HCk Ck phick Ek

...Equation (43) in 3GPP TS 26.190 V5.0.0 or
(Ck)^2 (SUM d(n) Ck(n))^2
------ = -------------------
Ek Ck phi ck

....eqaution (53) in G.729

>theoritical background derivations to arrive at the
eqn,espcially >the derivation of matrix phi
would be most helpful

thanks in advance