AMR/G729 VADs as benchmark

Started by August 21, 2005
Dear all,
I've downloaded the sourcecode for AMR speech codec (3GPP AMR reference ode).
This codec optionally uses one of the 2 VADs defined in the standard.
I wanted some HELP , how to use the implemented VADs as a benchmark for my own vad.
Specifically 1)how should I compile the sourcecodes in windows.(Is it possible to only compile the VAD codes, since I am just interested in the VAD.)
2)then how can I input some sound files & get the results as the output(i.e. the Speech/NonSpeech label for each frame).

if there are any other resources (standard VADs like G729b, ... ) that can be used as a benchmark pls let me know.
Any hint or suggestion is appreciated.