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New thread started 5 months ago
Can PRACH (either type 1 or 2) and PUSCH share time resources (e.g. slot and symbol) if they differ in frequency resources? I read that PRACH for a single UE must...


New thread started 7 years ago
I wonder whether any has gone through the numerologies used in 5G.1. What bandwidth is allocated to a particular carrier?2. How many bandwidth parts exist in a single...

Re: Interpolation and filter gain

Reply posted 7 years ago (02/23/2017)
Thank you all very much for clarifying my confusion regarding filter gain.

Interpolation and filter gain

New thread started 7 years ago
I came across an application note from xilinx dated back to October 29, 2008 titled "3GPP LTE Digital Front End Reference Design" from Helen Tarn, Ed Hemphill and...

Re: fft combinations

Reply posted 8 years ago (07/15/2016)
The expression exp(-1 * j * pi * 2 * m) evaluates to 1 for all m as m is an integer (0 to 255). The expression exp(-1 * j * pi * (2*m+1))  evaluates to -1 for all...

Re: fft combinations

Reply posted 8 years ago (07/12/2016)
It is possible; however, I would suggest not do this. The reason is its complexity in performing 512 point FFT using 256 point engine. The steps are as below:1....

Re: Pass band in digital up conversion of LTE signals

Reply posted 8 years ago (06/10/2016)
The article can be found at http://read.pudn.com/downloads160/doc/718492/LTE%20DFE%20App%20Note.pdfline 6, page 12.However, I think this is something common to...
Hi,I am new to filters and DUC (digital up conversion). I was reading an article from xilinx regarding DUC.It was using a passband of 9.015 MHz in its first stage...

Re: FDATool

Reply posted 8 years ago (05/24/2016)
Dear Tim Wescott,Its filtered OFDM I would like to work. Sub-band filtering is required to filter out UE's sub-band. Hope this explains.Thank you all for clearing...

Re: FDATool

Reply posted 8 years ago (05/24/2016)
Thanks for the valuable information. Sometimes, its cost effective to perform filtering in frequency instead of time domain. When input signal is larger than the length of...

Re: FDATool

Reply posted 8 years ago (05/24/2016)
Thanks Dr. Let me try.


New thread started 8 years ago
I am new to FDATool (#matlab) and would like to use it to generate an impulse response with complex coefficients.I would like to low pass filter the signal after...

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