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I wonder whether any has gone through the numerologies used in 5G.

1. What bandwidth is allocated to a particular carrier?

2. How many bandwidth parts exist in a single carrier? If these are equal to numerologies then it would mean 6 bandwidth parts.

3. Are the bandwidth parts contiguous or have guard space in between?

3. If subcarrier spacing between subcarriers in one bandwidth part is 15 KHz and subcarrier spacing in another bandwidth part is 480 KHz, what are the FFT sizes to be used. one OFDM symbol in 15 KHz spacing has 275 x 12 active sub carriers and one OFDM symbol in 480 KHz spacing has 69 x 12 active subcarriers.

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The standardization of the next generation radio technology

has started in 3GPP  with the ambition of making 5G wireless systems

commercially available around 2020. There are three main

challenges that need to be addressed by 5G Radio Access

Technology to enable a truly networked society:

 i) a massive growth in the number of connected devices,

 ii) a massive growth in traffic volume, and 

iii) an increasingly wide range of applications with varying requirements

 and characteristics.