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Sorry for the sidebar but I have a question for fharris (or anyone with experience in this area). I have been analyzing a burst FSK signal that uses a preamble consisting...

Re: How to separate these orthogonal inputs

Reply posted 11 months ago (06/20/2022)
I think it stems from the autocorrelation property of ZC sequences.WikipediaThe auto correlation of a Zadoff–Chu sequence with a cyclically shifted version of...

Re: Delay measurement using single tone

Reply posted 1 year ago (12/29/2021)
To be sure, there are a lot of equations and confusing indexing in the Chougrani reference BUT it really does describe an effective way to skirt the CFO problem....

Re: Delay measurement using single tone

Reply posted 1 year ago (12/28/2021)
Check this reference which proposes a differential method to deal with (read, avoid dealing with) CFO followed by combining of like symbol-group transitions.Chougrani...

Re: DSP Master's Degree

Reply posted 2 years ago (11/27/2020)
Here is a data point for your survey.Application areas  Wireless baseband processing  Radar systems / signal design  Geolocation/Geotracking  Communications...

Re: split Hilberts

Reply posted 3 years ago (10/25/2020)
fharris: Thank you very much for your Hilbert demo code. It really helped reinforce my understanding of the 2-path half-band formulations in your text. In terms...

Re: split Hilberts

Reply posted 3 years ago (10/24/2020)
fharris: Don't know about the OP but I would certainly be interested in reviewing your MATLAB examples of +/-45 degree Hilbert filters.

Re: Not understanding digital signal processing

Reply posted 4 years ago (01/06/2019)
I think the author is using the equivalency of the expressions in the last line of your excerpt to make a point about the sampling operation. The point being, once...
Perhaps obvious to others but what I found interesting in the animation was the following.As expected, the magnitude response is invariant to a nonlinear phase (vs....
Very interesting how your animation clearly demonstrates that phase can impact the interpolated points while preserving the magnitude of the original response.

Re: Cyclic prefix concept in LTE

Reply posted 5 years ago (09/29/2018)
To further support rrlagic's claims of design intent, the LTE Toolbox from Mathworks, which claims compliance with the Standard, provides a function lteOFDMDemodulate()...
Not sure why you want to avoid using a prng, nevertheless there are several options which may meet your requirements. As others have mentioned Box-Muller can transform...

Re: DSP C++ Project

Reply posted 5 years ago (08/01/2018)
This is one of the most interesting threads I've seen here in some time. If I wasn't so overextended I'd consider getting involved. In any event I just wanted to...

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