New Discussion Group: DSP & FPGA

Stephane Boucher September 11, 20078 comments

I have just created a new discussion group for engineers implementing DSP functions on FPGAs. The creation of this group has been on my todo list for a long time. If you want to join the group, send a blank email to:

As usual, it should take a few weeks before there are enough members for interesting discussions to get started.

The correct answer to the quiz of @apolin

Josef Hoffmann January 10, 2020

The correct answer to the @apolin quiz can be easily explained using the following Simulink model:

In MATLAB you have to initialize the two filters:

h = dftmtx (8);

h1 = h (3, :); % The filter of the quiz

h2 = h (7, :); % The mirrored filter

The impulse responses of the filters h1, h2 are complex and the responses to a broadband random signal are also complex. The two spectrum analyzer blocks then show the PSD, typical for analytical...