Software Defined Radio at SAMOS

Praveen Raghavan September 22, 20073 comments

Lets start off with so 'hot' SDR track held at SAMOS conference this year. The academic community relatively active in the SDR architecture domain including UMich, WisMad, Linkoping, IMEC and others all presented their views on Software Defined Radio and unveiled a part of their work. We from IMEC 'finally' made our SyncPro architecture public. You can find more about our vector synchronization processor architecture from our

The correct answer to the quiz of @apolin

Josef Hoffmann January 10, 2020

The correct answer to the @apolin quiz can be easily explained using the following Simulink model:

In MATLAB you have to initialize the two filters:

h = dftmtx (8);

h1 = h (3, :); % The filter of the quiz

h2 = h (7, :); % The mirrored filter

The impulse responses of the filters h1, h2 are complex and the responses to a broadband random signal are also complex. The two spectrum analyzer blocks then show the PSD, typical for analytical...