AW: Illegal multifunction instruction & a DO-UNTIL query i n ADSP 2181

Started by Christoph Ripcke April 5, 2001
For first, I only know the SHARC, but maybe they work similar to your DSP;
I try to give you some ideas:


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> Gesendet: Mittwoch, 4. April 2001 17:38
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> Betreff: [adsp] Illegal multifunction instruction & a
> DO-UNTIL query in
> ADSP 2181 > Q1 - My assembler is telling me that the following
> instruction is an illegal
> multifunction
> but I can't see anything wrong, and the processor manual
> implies that it
> should be possible
> MR = MR + MX0 * MX0 (SS), MX0 = DM(I0, M1);

may be you should check if your MX0 is part of the accumulator. As far as I
know only registers can be used for multiplikations. Moreover you could
check if it's possible to do a quadrature with this ASM command.

> Any comments ?
> Q2 - I have a loop construct of the following form
> CNTR = 15;
> DO loop UNTIL CE;
> xxxxxx;
> JUMP Quit2;

on SHARC's you need a suffix to jump out of a loop. It's JUMP _somewhere

> DecCntr: xxxxxx;
> xxxxxx;
> loop: xxxxxx;
> Quit1: {a normal loop exit}
> RTS;
> Quit2: {alternative loop exit}
> RTS;
> Where xxxx indicate irrelevant code in this example.
> The question is what POPs (if any) should occur at the Quit2 point ?
> The processor manual is a bit vague on what gets POPed by IF
> NOT CE when it
> does not jump.
> I have assumed that the Quit2 line should execute a POP PC, POP LOOP;
> instruction
> which seems to work ok.

Hi! This is my hardware setup:

DYNAMIC MICROPHONE (stereo jack and mono jack)

I ran the talktrhru demo but when I speak into the microphone, no sound
is heard from the speakers. I have tried setting JP1 and JP2 to MIC. I
have also tried the software method but to no avail...

Is the problem because my microphone generates a voltage too small? I
think it generates only 3mV Vrms. Has anyone successfully ran the
talkthru demo using ordinary (cheap) PC dynamic microphones?