SPORT-UART communication with TxFs

Started by steh...@hotmail.com March 28, 2007
I am tying to communicate with a UART device though my SPORT. My TxFs and RxFs are connected, also the clock is generated by the DSP and fowwloed by the UART device.
What I have to do is that, after tansmission and reception of 9 bytes I have to stop transmission and receptions for some time, and then re enable them again. For this purpose I am disabling the SPORT in my receive interrupt because this interrupt occurs after the tx interrupt. The poblem is that while reception is beng done another TxFs signal is generated. What I gathered fom the hardware reference is that TxFs signal is not asserted unless something is written to the Tx1 register.To handle this situation I have kept a flag that tells me that in the current Tx interrupt I should not update the Tx1 register. But whether I update it o not it generates the TxFs signals which is causing framing errors on the UART side. How can I come about this situation?