Anybody interfaced ADV7171 with BF533 EZ kit litew board

Started by malli_1729 September 24, 2007

I have interfaced ADV7171 with ADSP bf533 ezkit lite board through
expansion interface......
Iam using the same program used in the example programs "video
for testing BF533 kit lite board....
but i have changed the RESET signal to the RESET pin in the ADV7171
board i have connected the FlashAportA 6 th pin and iam sending the
reset signal from the BF533 using the expansion interface back of
I have taken an external CLK in the ADV7171 board and i have given
to both ADV7171 and the PPI_CLK (EXPANSION_PPI_CLK by setting the
FlashAportA 5th pin).but iam unable to get any response from the
Video encoder IC.....

Have any body faced the same situation or hjave any bdy interfaced
like this

please help me...

Thank u inadwance
Waiting for reply.......