inverting an FIR matrix

Started by Mona August 5, 2009
Hi all
i've been working on a BSS project where i'm trying to apply ICA methods.
if i generated a convolutive mixture of two source signals; and i know exactly the FIR filter coefficients. how can i invert the process

let me try to explain more

i have two source signal S1 and S2
and i am creating two convolutive mixtures as follows
Y1(z)= (1 - 0.5 z^-1) S1(z) + S2(z)
Y2(z)= S1(z) + (1 - 0.5 z^-1) S2(z)

[Y1(z)] [1 - 0.5z^-1 1] [S1(z)]
[Y2(z)] [1 1 - 0.5z^-1] [S2(z)]

thus -->
[S1(z)] [1 - 0.5z^-1 1] [Y1(z)]
[S2(z)] [1 1 - 0.5z^-1] [Y2(z)]
so my question basiclly is how to calculate the inverse of that coefficients matrix and how to perform the inverse process in MATLAB

Thanks all, i'll appreciate any help