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Started by hemanth kumar September 23, 2003
Hi Manju,
We too have gone thru the same pain, trying our luck with all sorts of search engines. this was the best link we found.
hemanth kumar wrote:

You could down the paper from the URL

Good Luck!

Min"Nalin Pithwa"> ,

21/09/2003 ­
14:00 RE: Re: [audiodsp] MP3 coding
--recommended books
Hello Peeyush and other members,

I tried to download "A Tutorial on MPEG/Audio Compression" by Davis Pan but
the link does not seem to work. If someone has a copy, please send it to me
by e-mail. I would be obliged.

Nalin Pithwa
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Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 10:33 AM
Subject: Re: Re: [audiodsp] MP3 coding --recommended booksHi Manju,

Though the books on mp3 are not commonly available, to understand
the algorithms used in mp3, u can refer to some conference and
journal papers. The popular ones are the famous paper by Painter
and Spainas (Perceptual Coding of Digital Audio) and many papers
by Davis Pan. I think u can find them on any free journal paper
download site, eg. citeseer.
Otherwise also, if u do some intensive (and intelligent :) )
search on net search engines, u 'can' find a lot of literature on
implementation of mp3 codecs over different platforms (mostly
project reports or master thesis). They can give u a fair enough
idea on different issues encountered during implementation.

Peeyush.On Tue, 08 Oct 2002 hindupur raghuram wrote :
>Dear manju,
> As such there is no book to buy for which explains mp3
>alsogrithms, source code etc... only thing u have to understand
>those algorithms by seeing the standards and the source code by
>seeing the code avalable in the net and by seeing algorithmns
>the standards.
>On Mon, 07 Oct 2002 Manjunath wrote :
>>Hi all,
>> Could you please advice me regarding which book to buy for
>>algorithms.Preferable it should contain description of the
>>sorce code etc.
>>Thanking you,
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