DSK3 Version 2.02 SW (and VC33 DSK's) available

Started by Keith E. Larson July 28, 2003
Hi Everyone

I just wanted to let averyone know that the latest DSK3 software revision is
now 2.02 and can be downloaded from Spectrum Digital web site given below.
The VC33 DSK interface is a carbon copy of the C31 DSK, but keep in mind
that the demos are becoming more and more specific to the new board and
tools. For example, the PCM3003 stereo codec and use of the C-compiler (now
included). Here some highlights

- DSK3DW windows based debugger and applications interface
- DSK3WIN3 VC33 DSK Stereo FFT and Oscilloscope (limit is stereo 8K FFT's)
- WINWAV3 Windows based wav player/recorder for VC33 DSK.
- C-compiler (optimizer and code generation are new beta version 5.13)
- Online help for hardware software and demos including Sliding DFT,
Differential Compression, Real FFT and more
- All sources are included, except the TI-COFF C-compiler/Assembler

Keep in mind that if you are not already registered, you will need to
register with SD. You can also get to the link from the main page "target
icon" for "Drivers and Utilities", then "University DSK's", then "TMS320VC33"


Finally, if you are interested in getting a new VC33 DSK, here is the TI
link. Follow this through until you hit the list of TI distributors who you
can order the board from.


BTW, Another board to be watching for will be Hyperception's 'Speedy-33'.
If you are not familiar with the Hyperception 'graphical object' programming
paradigm, you might just find this to be interesting. Basically you connect
DSP functions much as you would physical objects in a schematic. Some wires
represent data flow, and others control. If you have the full blown tools,
you can then hierarchically work your way down into the 'objects' and work
on source code. I jokingly like to call this as a 'Real - physical object
oriented programming' environment! The Real-Poop!

Hope this helps,
Keith Larson

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