Started by Keith E. Larson August 21, 2003
Hello Eduardo

"Digital Signal Processing with C and TMS320C30" by Rulph Chaissing is a
good book, but do keep in mind that there are plenty more resources out
there. The places that come to mind that will have the highest density of
applications include.

The TMS320C3x Users Guide
TMS320C3x General Purpose Applications Guide
The DSK3 help file
Digital Signal Processing Applications Guide, Vol 3

If you follow this link you will find a FREETOOL link (I did not try the
link). Keep in mind that this is just a simulator and by no means perfect.
The DSK you have will give you much better results.

After you download this tool, be sure to download the 'Service pack 2'
update. The link for that can be found here.

Also, I just noticed that this link is missing the VC33 DSK. The VC33 EzDSP
'DSK' is not *the* VC33 DSK.

Hope this helps,
Keith Larson
At 05:46 PM 8/20/03 -0300, you wrote:
Dear Sir Larson,

I have bought a C31 DSK and I am starting to study it with the book "Digital
Signal Processing with C and TMS320C30", and that book uses a simulator
SIM30.EXE among other tools, like C compiler, assembler, linker, etc. Those
other tools I have replaced with DSK3 Version 2.02 and TIC3X4X available
from Spectrum Digital web site. As I am a subscriber of the C3X YAHOO group,
I could get those tools, but now the simulator SIM30 which is used in the
text is the only tool I need to follow the book page by page as a begginer
in the field. I would like to ask you: is there a free version of
SIM30.EXE, and how can I get it ?

Thanks in advance,

Eduardo G. Bertonha
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