Re: [c6x] Archives now searchable on DSPRelated.com

Started by Jeff Brower December 17, 2004

> have you ever tried to search the archives of this group? It is truly a pain
> as Yahoogroups won't allow the search of more than 200 messages at the time.
> I solved this problem by importing the archives of all the DSP-Related
> discussion groups on the DSPRelated.com server and making them searchable. I
> have a script running every 15 minutes that fetches any new messages posted
> to the groups and add them to the searchable database.
> The portal for all DSP-related discussion groups is here:
> http://www.dsprelated.com/groups.php
> Please report any bug/error you encounter, and your comments/suggestions are
> always appreciated.

That sounds really good. Yahoo Groups crippled the search function when they forced
a limit.

If you could give members a way to add attachments to the archive, which could be
referred to by links in group messages, then you'd have it all, the way it was in the
beginning when YG started.