HELP! C5402 test

Started by Yi Li February 26, 2000

I've made a board using C5402 uBGA package.
It's so difficult to solder the chip to my board.
Evenworse, after soldering, the code composer
said :
"cannot initialize target DSP,
time out on target processor ..." :((

To test whether the DSP is well soldered, I just
connected the 3.3v power, the regulator, crystal
circuit and CLKMD pins. What else is necessary
to get the emulator work on my DSP?

I've tested some of the output pins, they were at
high level as defined. Unfortunatly, the CLKOUT
was disconnected in my circuit so that I cannot test
this pin. A big lesson!

Could any body using Code composer tell me what
may cause that error message "cannot initialize the DSP"?
Or any idea about how to test the DSP -- I just need
to know whether the pins are well connected to the pads.
THANKs in advance!

Wish I had designed with the TQFP pakage :-(

Have a nice weekend!