How can I understand DSK5402 Memory Map & Boot sequence

Started by imecha98 January 14, 2003

I'm using the DSK5402.

I was started on the study TM320VC5402 at 1 week ago.

So, I have a many questions.

1)I want know the DSK5402 Memory Map
(What's region the Flash Memory - M29W400BT)
(and What's region the SRAM - GS71111)

2)I want know Boot sequence with location address on HPI mode
EX) MP/MC pin state(ex. HPI mode) -> Reset ->Reset Vector(FF80)-
>Branch to Bootloader instruction into Reset Vector -> BootLoader
(F800) -> Bootloader Operation(Some of Register set) -> Program Down

The above explain is ture?

3) Why Start addresss 8000->8036 when the use on CCS2.0 ?

4) Does the company provide DSK5402 manual?