Trouble Booting C5402 from 8 standard bit serial

Started by dsp_man_c54 March 23, 2003

I am using a TMS320C5402 in a project and find the bootloader is
not setting the XF flag low. I have checked the INT2_ and INT3_ are
held to logic 1 to keep from HPI and EEPROM boots. Also I have held
Data0 high to keep from booting from data space. The address lines
and other data lines are left floating as I do not have any external
ram/flash used in this project. DBX1,DBR1,DBCLK1 are set to logic 1
and DBFSR1 is set to logic 0. MP/MC is set logic 0, that is gnd.
and when RS_ is set high the HINT pin goes low showing that the
bootloader is starting up. However no other signals show progress as
to the bootloaders state.

If any one has an Idea of what may be keeping the bootloader from
reaching the serial port section I would like to hear from you.
When I find the problem I will post the answer here.

Caleb Austin, BSE Electical Engineering

707-391-7129 ps. If any one has a AEC using LMS or NLMS code for the C5402 I am
looking for a free AEC. Thanks