FlashBurn checksum Calculation

Started by Unknown April 23, 2003
I'm modifying the CCS FlashBurn utility to work on my custom target
hardware. So far I've been able to erase the flash and write to it
(after changing the volitile 'c' pointers to call custom assembly
routines to address the flash).

The problem I have now is that the checksum calculation fails. After
some tweaking (long's don't appear to work very well when stepping
through things with CCS v2.2) I've managed to get to the point where
the FlashBurn checksum is 0x0080 and the FBTC checksum is 0x0000.

Has anyone else run into this when dealing with the FlashBurn tool?

Right now I am only dealing with flash mapped into 0x8000-0xFFFF, I'll
deal with higher pages once I get this running consistently.



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