What's running from Flash?

Started by Brian C. Lane August 5, 2003
Does anyone have any bright ideas on how to figure out what piece of
code is running from flash? Here's the problem -- I boot from flash and
copy all of .text and .vectors to RAM. The C init code initializes the
variables from flash, end them I'm supposedly running 100% from RAM.

Except that I'm seeing a regular, short flash access. Its so quick that
I can't even tell how often it is (the 468 scope doesn't have enough
persistence for me to see both triggers when I expand the timescale).

So, I've got a rogue piece of code doing a little flash access (2
strobes on A0), but not much. I've already stared at my memory map
(output by the linker) and the only possibilty I can see is the .cinit
section, but it only gets copied at bootup, right?


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