Started by Jeff Brower September 8, 2003
JongOk Baek-

All of what you need is available from CCS documentation and help files, and on
group archive. To initialize (including on-board CPLD) and use C5402 DSK codec,
there are many examples in the archive, both C code and asm code.

When you start your coding and have specific questions, please post to the

Jeff Brower
system engineer

> Hello, jbrower!!!
> My name is Jongok Baek.
> I live in Busan in South Korea.
> I am a student in Korea Maritime University.
> And I want to make "Audio Effector" with 5402 DSK.
> But, I don't have information about 5402 DSK.
> So I am searching information about 5402 DSK.
> ......
> I find your message in yahoo group.
> So, I read a lot of information about 5402 DSK.
> I wonder that you have another information about 5402 DSK.
> (For example, Example Source, Application Note, etc...) Because, I
> don't want to use function in dsk library file. So, I want to make
> function about Codec Interface. ...... (So sorry. I don't understand
> CPLD. So, I don't make function...)
> Please, help me!!!!!
> Thanks...
> See you later....