Multiple DMA channels in c5409

Started by narcispr April 20, 2004

I'm using a c5409 DSP. I have 2 AD codecs a 1 DA codec in my board.
I would reproduce with the DA codec the audio adquired follow the
AD1 and AD2 like represent de next schema.

))< AD1-->McBSP0-->DMA0-->CiclicBufferAD0
))< AD2-->McBSP2-->DMA2-->CiclicBufferAD2

(CiclicBufferAD0 + CiclicBufferAD2)-->McBSP1-->DA <((

To configure the DMA0 and DMA2 I use a DSP/BIOS from CodeComposer 2.
If I only active a DMA0 this works well and If I only active a DMA2
this works well to. But when I try to active DMA0 and DMA2 together
the DMA2 works well but DMA0 begins capturing the data that arrive
from the McBSP0 but when the CiclicBufferAD0 is full it stops.

What can happen me?

Thank you!!!