Help needed in selecting a development platform...

Started by pet_dsp February 15, 2005

Hi e'bdy,
I need some help in selecting a new DSK. We are looking to
buy a new DSK/EVM board to support our development work. We look for
the following in the new DSK:
1. We would like the DSK to be based on 54x or 55x DSP.
2. It should support common sampling rates like 8KHz, 12KHz, 16KHz,
24 KHz, 32KHz. If not all, at least some of the fore mentioned
sampling rates should be supported and importantly must be
configurable through software.
Purpose: To serve as a development platform for our new audio
processing algorithms. This is not intended for any telephony
applications. It will be used only for audio processing for sound
field systems.
I have been looking for a while, but without much luck. So
far, I have identified two DSKs from Spectrum Digital (5416 DSK and
5510 DSK) that come close, but not exactly what I want. It will be a
help if any of you here, can suggest an off the shelf development
board that suits my needs.