uart interrupt trouble in C5407

Started by endy_dsp February 20, 2005

In polling mode uart works fine but when I try to use Uart interrupts
in C5407 theres something wrong while reading data.
I do this way:

1) I set up the register IER (interrupt enable register) and enable
receive interrupt (IER=1)
2) I don't use FIFO.
3) In function uart_isr() I read RBR (receive buffer reg.) in such way:
// rword = (USDR & 0x00FF);
4) I don't use CSL.

I receive interrupt only ones, but the buffer is not being read, and
data is still in RBR. Next time uart doesn't interrupt. What should I
do? I tried to insert a small delay before reading RBR in uart_isr()
but still the same.
Does anyone know what is going on?
Thanks for any help.