how the software interrupt work?

Started by hao_wu40 June 20, 2005
how the software interrupt work? we can see many
interrupt vectors table programs like this:
sint17 .space 4*16
sint18 .space 4*16
sint19 .space 4*16
. . .
. . .
. . .
i think the software interrupt is triggered by add some
software interrupt instructions in the program,
when cpu executs the program,meet this interrupt
instructions and bounch to the interrupt vector table program,
but i think the interrupt vector should have the address,
which points to the location of the ISR.
but the "sint17 .space 4*16" donot have this address.
so i donot know how the software interrupt work.
who can help me ,maybe you can tell me where to find the answer
in the TI's documents .
thank you very much!