Can't Initialize Target CPU: Error 0x00000200/-1081

Started by February 11, 2011
Hello, I am having trouble getting CCS to initialize a target upon startup. I am getting the error shown below. The processor is a TMS320VC5416. I am running CCS 2.20.00.I am using a Spectrum Digital XDS510-USB emulator. I have successfully detected the JTAG device in the scan chain by doing an emulator test in SDConfig. Probing the board reveals that the processor is receiving power. Searching for PTI_ERR_CNTL_REVISION came up with no hits, but it sounds like CCS has a problem with the processor version. Thanks.

Can't Initialize Target CPU: Error 0x00000200/-1081


Error Occured at 0x00000000 I/O

Port = 510 Board Name: SDGO54USB (Spectrum Digital)

Cpu Name: CPU_1

Roberta Alessi

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