Memory Map on C5402 DSK

Started by Unknown September 26, 2001

Is it possible that the mapping of memory on the 5402 DSK is either


a)       not the way I understood it from the documentation


or b) not documented correctly?


From what I’d read on several web-pages and in the help file, the SRAM memory is shared between the data and program spaces, so that the memory mapped between 0x8000 and 0xffff were the same in both memory spaces, and that if you change on it changes in the other.  The reason I ask is that I was playing with the “memory viewer” tool contained within the CCS 2.0, and it was showing different values for 0x8000 in code space vs 0x8000 in data space.


Any ideas?





Carl Chipman

Nomadics, Inc.