C5402 A/D D/A CPLD Config

Started by Simon Hill October 4, 2001

I am attaching an external convertor board to a c5402 peripheral interface.
How do I config the board so that the McBSP looks at the interface rather
than the onboard convertor?




The following is taken from the CCS help
DSP CNTL2 Register (I/O Address 0x0004)

The register allows the software to control the source of data for both
McBSPs as well as operation of the AD50 CODEC's FC control bit. Both BSP's
default to the on-board sources: BSP0 = Telephone line (DAA), BSP1 =
Microphone/Speaker. The other option is to select the daughterboards as the
source. The DAA's offhook and Caller ID enable functions are also
controllable via this register. The FLASHENB bit controls whether FLASH
(default) or SRAM is mapped to external memory. The INT1SEL allows the
software to chose either the UART or the daughtercard for source of DSP
Interrupt 1.

Bit Name R/W Description

1 BSPSEL1 RW McBSP1 Select Control
(0 = Mic/Speaker, 1 = Daughterboard)
0 BSPSEL0 RW McBSP0 Select Control
(0 = TelSet DAA, 1 = Daughterboard)
I hope this helps.

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