Flash interfacing

Started by Leigh W. Wells January 6, 2000
Hi, all.

I am using a 'c5410, to which I am trying to hook up an Intel 28f400b3
flash. This is the same flash that is used in TI's document SPRA585
(Connecting TMS320C54x DSP to Flash Memory).

I am having a problem communicating with the flash. It is connected as
it is in the document, and I am using the code provided in the document
to erase/program. The code always jumps to the error loop when
verifying if the erase was accomplished. When the status register is
checked at this point I get 7f, which pretty much means that everything
is wrong. This makes me unsure that I am getting the status register
value when I attempt to read it.

Does anyone have any experience interfacing to flash memory that could
help me out? If anyone has used the code and/or hardware wiring
described in SPRA585, I would appreciate hearing about any changes you
had to make to get it to work properly.

Thank you for your help,

Leigh W. Wells
Electrical R&D Engineer
Acoustic Positioning Research