RE: codec problem

Started by Vinodh Rathna N May 18, 2002
Subject: codec problem

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When u poweron ur DSP whatever settings is there in the clock mode pins will be
written to clock mode registers, if Dip switches 5 & 6 are up then it is true
that its register calue becomes 1007 but this value can be changed thru software
by writing appropriate values in that register changing it to ur desired
value.If u have run the exampled CODEC BIOS program then in the global setting u
can find the caule being
set for 100mhz.

As for the period of the sine wave is considered u are outputing more number of
points but fixing the same sampling rate so it will increase the period but the
amplitude i have no idea

I am trying to work on CODEC. 1. when i tried to run the eg program of codec given
by the TI it ran successfuly and i checked out that i
am getting a sine wave on pin 23 of TLC320AD50 chip.
when i halted the program the CLKMD changes to 4007
which is 100MHZ which should be 1007 i.e 40MHZ because
my DIP switches 5 & 6 are up.

2. when i increase the number of points in lookup
table(in the eg program the lookup table is 256) like
512,1024,2048,4096 the amplitude of the sine wave goes
on decreasing and the period of the sine wave also
increases can anyone tell me why?