Problem in Running DSP/BIOS sample application in H3 board

Started by RENJITH G WARIER P V December 22, 2006

I have a problem in running the sample application in DSP/BIOS bridge and
hope someone here could help me.

I am trying to build DSP/BIOS Bridge in OMAP H3 Board running on Linux
2.6.9-omap1. I was able to build bridgedriver.ko, and both sides of the
sample application(DSP side in CCs 2.21 and GPP side in linux). I then
copied bridgedriver.ko, bridgedriver.o, strmcopy.out, strmcopy.dof55l(DSP
side executable), installation script and the corresponding
libraries( and Then tried to run the same

# ./install_bridge

Using ./bridgedriver.ko

bridgedriver: module license 'Texas Instruments Incorporated' taints kernel.

Also created 2 files - input and output so that we could execute

# ./strmcopy.out 0 input output

Data streaming using Processor-Copy transport.

DSPProcessor_Attach succeeded.

DSP Image: ./strmcopy.dof55l.

DSPProcessor_Load s

And H3 board hangs.

Can anyone please tell me what the problem may be?

Thanks in Advance

Renjith G