USB oddity

Started by ch1n00k71 September 12, 2003
Hi Group.

I've been developing USB code for 5509/5509A using CSL and CCS
So far everything worked fine. Recently I upgraded to CCS 2.20.18 and
started to observe USB problems for interrupt driven implementation.

Setup A
1) Cold reset.
2) Loading code is built with csl5509x.lib 2.20.18.
3) USB fails.

Setup B
1) Cold reset.
2) Loading code built with csl5509x.lib 2.20.00
3) USB works.
4) Hot reset.
5) Loading code built with csl5509x.lib 2.20.18
6) USB works.

Probably some register initialization is missing. I rebuilt 2.20.18
with 2.20.00 usb code. No result. I am still grepping and diffing. Any
other clue folks?


PS USB polling implementation works like charm.
PPS. All other conditions are the same (C versions and headers).
PPPS. Same results on 5509 and 5509a. M.

The CSL CCS 2.20.18 version of irq_pluga.asm is older than original
CCS 2.20.00 one. Replace to avoid potential problems with all IRQ
implementations or do not use IRQ_plug at all.

Have Fun.