Serial Communication to Embedded GFX controller

Started by "joel.millage" February 19, 2008
So this is probably a really stupid question but I am completely new
to DSPs so not entirely sure what I am doing.
I am working with a TI TMS320C6713 DSK from Spectrum Digital
currently but will eventually be switching over to a TMS320C6720. I
have this embedded graphics controller that I want to talk to from my
DSP. The embedded graphics controller on accepts simple TTL serial
commands using only TX and RX signals. So my question is how do I
send simple TX and RX commands from my DSP to this device? I don't
think it should be hard at all but I can't find any information on how
to do it! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Most probably the best for you is to use McBSP to do it.

There is no sync signal? this is all Async?