What are differences in code execution on internal or external?

Started by Jae-wan Jang September 22, 2002
I have developed the 6701 system as follow:

- enable to execute the user code in internal memory using JTAG
- when the specific code is in boot ROM, enable to download the user
code through RS232 or USB to SDRAM
- when the user code is downloaded, enable to execute that code via
monitoring S/W on PC.

Then, in my system, I can execute the code both internal or external.
Of course, in external memory, I use the internal memory as cache.

But, some peripherals don't operate in external execution.
So, I wonder that what are difference the code execution on internal
or external memory.

In my some tests, I verify that the control signals from DSP
like /ARD. /AWR, /AOE are operated with same time condition.

Maybe, some one is experienced about this?
Reply about it to me, plz.

From. Jae-wan Jang