Channel simulation on dsk6711 for OFDM system

Started by leos...@hotmail.com May 26, 2008
Im using a dsk6711 and I made an OFDM system on it.! tx and rx for the IEEE 802.16 standard.
So my system works perfectly but i would like to simulate a channel for the OFDM signal.!
I've desing all the blocks for the OFDM system and now i've to pass my signal trough a multipath channel before I receive it.!
here is the thing after the IFFT the signal is in time domain, so I've to make a convolution of the signal with the vector of the channel but how can i do it?
and when i receive the signal after the FFT i´ve to multiply the receive signal with the conjugate of the channel in the frecuency domain wich i already know.
Can anyone give me a litte help..