Prob. with loading.......

Started by simha j October 11, 2002
Hello all,

I am working on valley tech's vt-1420 (PCI based
Dual DSP(TMS320C6416) card). I have a problem in using
it in the Emulation mode. I am using XDS510PP_PLUS
CCS is setup for multiple DSP and the port address,
everything is configured properly.
I invoked CCS and I got the "CCS:Parallel Debug
Manager" window. I selected one of the DSPs, reset
the CPU and tried to load a working .out file.
I am getting the following error.
" File: Load failed. A section of your program falls
into a memory region that is not writable.
Check your linker configuration and/or memory map. "

I am getting this error whlie loading any working .out

Boot switches on the board are selected for flash

The same code, with same linker file, everything same,
works fine if I download and execute thro'h PCI.

Please give me some solution for the above problem.