Do you know 'loop_intr_pcm' sample from R.Chassaing?

Started by holita2001es December 19, 2002

As i posted in my previous message, i'm programing a TMS320C6711 dsp
with an audio PCM3003 card. My program is similar to 'loop_intr_pcm'
sample, who is included in the 'DSP applications using C and
TMS320C6711' cdrom, from R.Chassaing. What i want to to is to include
a DSP/BIOS in this program, but when i do this, my program doesn't
work in real time!!!, the sound from the output codec of the audio
card is cut.

Can anybody help me? Somebody has a similar sample
like 'loop_intr_pcm' with DSP/BIOS? I need the DSP/BIOS because i
want to include in my project a RTDX channel with a periodic object. Thanks in advance.