Flashboot for DSK6711

Started by Pourang Mahdavi January 7, 2003
I'm trying to boot from flash on a 6711DSK. I wrote an ultra simple LED blink
program that I can successfully burn and run from flash as long as I don't use
DSP/BIOS. Once I include a *.cdb (DSP/BIOS configuration) file, the program does
not work anymore (no blink). I have specified different load and run addresses
(load from flash run in ram) in the configuration file for the code sections as
TI suggests, and also disabled all the service functions of DSP/BIOS. So the
added config file actually should not do anything, but still no avail.

Does anybody have experience in flashbooting programs that include DSP/BIOS?

I'm using a sample assembly file from TI as the bootloader. It copies 0x20000
bytes of FLASH into the SRAM upon startup and then jumps to _c_int00.

Pourang Mahdavi