Re: C6711 DSK board problem

Started by Jeff Brower February 19, 2003

It sounds like CCS is having a hard time to control some signals, maybe the DSP
signal. You might check the SMC chip (U10) for a bent or loose pin.

What you might try is another board, without any change in cable, emulator,
etc. If that works then there is a board problem.

Jeff Brower
DSP sw/hw engineer
Signalogic > Following was the problem noticed with the DSK:
> C6711 DSK - After connecting it with DB15 connector when i try to run
> code composer in DSK mode, it does not pop up and report the error
> as 'can't initialize the target'.
> But if i plug in the emulator cable on the Jtag of dsk board and run
> the code composer in emulator mode, it runs normally! and then
> without giving any reset if i plug out the emulator cable and run the
> code composer in DSK mode it runs normally!
> But it again gives error if the board is being reset.