about XBUS

Started by Jesse.Zhou March 28, 2003
Dear c6x:

I have a question about XBUS of 6202. I use XBUS as asynchronous I/O. From the
refrerence Guide I know i must use DMA to access the XBUS. But I can not access
When i set the DMA destenation address as 0x80000000, it work well. But when i
change the
destenation address to 0x50000000(the XCE1 space begin adrress), it do not work.
I have check the DAM regester. the DMA stat bit is 01, and the DMA start bit
also is 01. This says
that the DMA is running or waiting something.
I also check the XBUS global control register, the bit 11 is 1,that says that
the internal arbiter is enable.
and the DSP own the BUS.

By the way, i left the XHOLD pin and XHLODA pin float. I think if i use the
internal arbiter mode, the two
pin is unimportant. Best Regards