need help on Veterbi coprocessor Tms320C6416

Started by Sanjeev May 26, 2003
HI All,

i am trying to configure the Viterbi coprocessor of Tms320C6416, unfortunately
i could find any sample code to configure the VCP.

I followed the steps given in the manual and configured the VCP , but i
couldnt get the results, i didnt know where was the fault...

Anyone who succeded in Configuring the VCP can please help me out....

My decoding parameters are F = 18 , K = 7 , rate = 1/2 using hard decisions
with polynomials 133 and 171.

so i had taken poly[0] = 0x6C and poly[1]= E4.

VCPIC0 = 0x0000E46C
VCPIC1 = 0x00000000
VCPIC2 = 0x00000012
VCPIC3 = 0x00000000
VCPIC4 = 0x00000400
VCPIC5 = 0x010d0000

and also is there anyway to look the branchmetrics that are loaded in the

Thanks and regards........