C6205: PCI and DSP reset questions/problems

Started by Stephen Turner CT June 12, 2003
We're trying to get a C6205 based PCI card running. I have the following

1. Must the C6205 reset be a high-low-high pulse, even if you are not using
the PLL?.

2. What relationship must the DSP reset and PCI reset have?. Since the PCI
EEPROM read only takes place after the DSP has been released from reset, I
assume the DSP has to be taken out of reset before the PCI reset is
de-asserted or a very short time after in order for the PCI configuration to
be setup from the EEPROM.

I currently have the PCI reset tied to the DSP reset, through a Schmitt
trigger buffer and am not using the PLL. This means that the DSP reset
starts off low and goes high, when the PCI reset is deasserted. From the
PC side I am able to verify that the PCI configuration data was read from
the EEPROM OK (i.e I can read my vendor/device id). However I'm unable to
access the DSP reliably from CCS via JTAG even if the DSP is set in "start
running code from internal memory at location 0x0" boot mode.
Stephen Turner
AudioScience, Inc.